The Amazon Prime video streaming service is launching in Canada!

Netflix and Bell’s CraveTV could confront a strong new adversary in Canada just as Thursday, when establishes its Amazon Prime video streaming service, according to remarks made at a CRTC hearing before this week.

“OTT” refers to “over the top,” significance media content delivered via the world wide web, rather than through a traditional media supplier like cable TV.

In a tweet before this month, former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson additionally indicated that the Canadian start of Amazon Prime video was at hand.

Like Netflix, Amazon’s Prime video service provides a library of “thousands” of TV shows and films for on-line streaming.

Amazon has additionally followed the lead of Netflix in making a unique video content, most notably the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning comedy Transparent.

Unlike Netflix, nevertheless, Amazon Prime video is packaged using a $99 US yearly membership to Amazon Prime, which offers preferential access to Amazon’s music and book libraries, in addition to free expedited shipping on particular things.

Users may also pay for Prime video alone by paying $8.99 US per month.